Monday, November 30, 2009

Judy T.

Cut Ice Cream Box ( Sweet Treats) out at 10 inches
then decorate
Happy Birthday (Gypsy Wandering) at 2inches
Cupcake (Gypsy Wandering) at 1.50 iches
Taylor (Gypsy Font) at 0.75 inches


There is one more picture to this entry that I am trying to get uploaded. I may have to forward in an email to each of you if this struggle lasts much longer

Mary M.

Well Dawn (also the judges) Thank you so much for all your hard work organizing this contest. The entry I am submitting is a party bag for little ones to celebrate the New Year complete with “party favors”. Here are the Instructions:
Supplies: cartridges Gypsy Wanderings, Gypsy Font, TBBM, Celebrations, and Stand and Salute.
Cardstock: black, blue white Stickles: black diamond, diamond,
MS glitter: copper, antique gold, dark blue, waterfall
Antique silver Stamps: Jan. M’s $1 stamp, Peachy
Silver brads and ribbon Keen Winter faces
My Mind’s Eye “sweet dreams paper” using the blue snowflakes
Best Occasions-prismatic paper pack from Walmart
Pop-ups and rhinestones
From TBBM you will select the inch bag, window cut at 7” on pg.128. I then used the GF to write the #2010 @ 1.25 shadow feature and then positioned them diagonally in the window frame. After careful positioning hit weld then make a 2nd page and repeat the #’s only do not use shadow feature .I used the Mind’s eye card stock for my base and the prismatic for the #’s on second page. After cutting, cut a piece of vellum and adhere to inside of bag with your favorite adhesive. Glue numbers to the shadow base on bag. Score bag. I used large brads spaced ¾” in from the score marks front and back. At this time you may stamp lower right corner of bag with appropriate stamp then finish putting bag together. I like to use terrifically tacky tape on boxes and bags. (Say that 3x’s fast lol).
Embellishments: Snowman was cut from GW at 2.5 His hat and horn-blower were cut from celebrations cart at 1” both for the shadow and main cut. Face was stamped with Peachy Keen stamps and chalk added to cheeks, rhinestones for buttons and a piece of ribbon for the scarf. Then I added stickles to hat and party
favor. Finally rather than snowflakes I decided to use the fireworks from Stand and Salute to make it a real party! They are cut @ 1.03 high and 1.27 wide. I cut the shadow from the prismatics paper and the reg. cut from plain white cardstock. Then, for that extra sparkle I ran the white cardstock thru the xyron twice, front and back and then alternated the 3 types of MS glitter to get a burst of color. Mounted them on pop dots, added a few more stickles on #’s and Jan stamp. Attach ribbon. Voila you’re done. I intend to fill them with Lindsor chocolates, horn-blowers, bubbles of course a few glow sticks so my grandkids can enjoy the party as well. Hope you enjoy this, xxxxx

Rebbeca F.

Hi Dawn,
Thank you so much for organizing this contest. My name is xxxxx My xxxxxxx. This is the first scrapping contest I have ever entered, so I thought I would give it a shot. I just got my gypsy and am pretty new to scrapping, but I really like how this turned out. Hope you like my "Family Time" clock. I have attached my three pictures. Here are my directions....

1. I bought an old clock at a garage sale.
2. I traced a 12 inch circle onto a piece of color patterned cardstock (for this particular clock, I used a variety of two sided cardstock from June Bug) to cover the clock face. (I used the clock cover to trace the circle to fit. I have a babybug, so I cannot cut a 12 inch circle. If you have an Expression, you could easily cut this circle without tracing.)
3. I used a pen cap to trace, and cut out, using an exacto knife, the center circle cutout so that the clock hands could fit through the center of the circle. You could also use a circle punch if you have one.
4. Using my gypsy, I cut the numbers for the clock using Gypsy Font in 2 inches height.
5. I also used my gypsy and Gypsy Font to shadow the numbers for the clock. For 10, 11, and 12, I welded the numbers together to make them look more uniform. I then glued the font numbers to the shadow.
6. Then I used my gypsy and Gypsy Wonderings to cut "Family" and "Time" in 2 inches height (they are already welded in this cartridge). (midnight blue Bazzil cardstock) Using a silver gel pen, I dotted the font to make it stand out and give a small embellishment.
7. I also used my gypsy and Gypsy Wonderings to cut the shadow for "Family" and "Time". I then glued the font onto the shadow.
8. Using my gypsy, I cut the center spotted circle design, 4 inches height, from the Accent Essentials cartridge. (For this clock, I used midnight blue Bazzil cardstock).
9. Using my gypsy, I then used Doodlebug cartridge for the "wavy line hearts shadow" and the "basic heart" 1.5 inches height, that goes in the middle of the wavy heart. I outlined the regular heart with a black marker to make it "pop off" the shadow background
10. I glued all items down using scrapbook adhesive glue.
11. I put batteries in the back of the clock.
12. I replaced the plastic cover over the clock.
13. I hung the clock in our family room.
I really enjoyed re-furbishing this old clock. I love the vibrant colors and design of the paper I chose. I hope you enjoy it too.
Thank you so much for your consideration.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Promise to make it prettier

this was just set up quickly so that I could get this rolling before the holidays took all my time.

I promise to get to this Wednesday night or Thursday morning so that it looks a little nicer.

Prizes that are for contest

Ok Judges we have

2 cricut cartridges
25.00 gift certificate to local craft shop with online ordering
150.00 in cash donations that can be divided anyway and gift cards purchased by winners choice
and the following items were donated for the contest